Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Growing up online

I have posted a link to a site with more information on this excellent documentary on the way digital media impacts upon the lives of the Net Generation.

Highly recommend watching this program!

Some Interesting Articles

I have just stumbled upon some excellent resources dealing with the Instructional Design Process and educating the Net Generation. I have listed the links to enable easy viewing. Enjoy!

Growing up Online

Last night on Cutting Edge, SBS, there was a program called 'Growing up online'. I found it very relevant to what I am studying in Instructional design because it highlights how our learners are changing and what we as educators need to do to maintain relevancy.

As a result of viewing this program I will now concentrate on designing a program that will focus on educating students about Cyber Bullying, an increasingly insidious danger that preys on young vulnerable minds.