Sunday, May 11, 2008

So far...

Well, I have now completed all the discussion activities! Hooray!
I will provide links to them all shortly.

I have been finding this course incredibly interesting and applicable. I am learning strategies that I can implement in my classrooms today, tomorrow, - yesterday!

I have also really enjoyed the way the course is structured. I am finding that I spend 80% of my study time on this subject, simply because of the way it requires my regular attention in order to complete the assessment pieces. However, rather than be a nusiance, I find that I am getting so much more out of my study! The feedback is excellent and very helpful. The interaction with fellow students means I feel much less isolated which entails me working harder to maintain and create significant interactions.

This is certainly an example of teaching that I would like to experience more of and also has motivated me to look at how I can structure my teaching programs to be more like this.

Having said that - I now need to spend some more time on my other 2 subjects!!!