Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a contrast!

I have loved this subject!! What a great example of how to implement a successful online course! I have had so many ideas floating around in my head, based on what I have learnt, that I am just dying to implement in my own teaching practices.
The lecturer has been so available and helpful, and has made it clear that she wants to give us every opportunity to succeed. In fact, I suspect she has probably worked harder than all of us!! However, this approach fosters a feeling of gratitude and I know that I have given more to this subject as a result. This is in stark contrast to my other subjects where the lecturers remain omniscient, contributing to a feeling of isolation and helplessness, especially when needed clarification of tasks is not forthcoming or less than illuminating. And I am not the only one who feels like this as illustrated in the discussion forums. Reflecting on the Instructional design process has caused me to become more critical of standard approaches to teaching. It is certainly my desire to model many of the strategies that I have seen implemented in the design of FET 5601.
A fellow classmate has commented that one of his subjects has designed their course on the premise of Adragogy rather than pedagogy, due to the fact that we are adult learners and therefore must be expected to 'cope' with little instruction and no 'luxuries'. I find this a ludicrous theory and question the appropriateness of its place in any educational institution.
Learners are learners and are here to LEARN. To not support this basic desire is disgracefully remise of any teacher, who by definition are required to 'help to give cause to learn or understand' (Collins English dictionary).
This subject has possibly been one of the most relevant and intersting subjects I have undertaken throughout my educational career and I walk away from it well equipped to design relevant and interesting programs, and learning experinces that will greatly benefit my students and influence my teaching for many years to come.