Monday, March 17, 2008

Radical thoughts!!

While reading in greater depth on this subject it becomes obvious just how much the education system needs to change in order to equip our future leaders with the nessessary skills to succeed in such a variable and unpredictable future.
However it is not only the education system that needs to embrace change.
Schools serve an important part in the day-to-day functionality of our society. For example - what would happen if all the students were no longer required to go to school for the traditionally prescribed time from 9am to 3pm? Who would look after them? Who would supervise them? Who would be left to fill the empty places in our workforce for all the parents that need to look after their children? How would after school care and related industries survive?
If we are to integrate digital technology fully into our education system - we would see something like the 'distance' education or more appropriately phrased 'customised' education taking place. This would in turn re-shape all other conventional, traditional and out- moded processes.
At the very least the senior secondary timetable would need to be flexible and cater more for the individuals use - allowing students to participate more effectively in part time work.
Where does this leave the teacher? Certainly not standing in front of an empty classroom attempting to teach the 'olden way'!
In fact, the teaching discipline would also become more flexible allowing teachers to plan their online classes around their own schedules, perhaps incorporating intensive f2f tutoring classes at set times. This would allow for more teachers to work - say, while on holiday, on sick leave, maternity leave, teachers with young children, etc..all would still have the ability to teach in some form or another. Thus creating and accessing a greater workforce!
While of course I understand these radical ideas have far reaching implications for all sectors of our society - if we are to embrace digital technology in its entirity - these changes will surely follow in some shape or form.
But, rather than see these changes as scary and intimidating - they can just as easily be seen as incredibly freeing!
What do you think?


Jane Ross said...

I use blogs with both of my classes. It's time consuming and I have to do most of my blog touring after hours but it is worth it. I believe that blogging in this way allows my students some flexibility.

Irene Ski said...

It is great to hear your thoughts! I am new to this form of communication - but I really like the interactive quality it provides.
I am an English teacher and I find that many of my collegues are virtually IT illiterate - and I think this is doing a great diservice to our students. I have found your postings fascinating and am looking forward to hearing more from your experience. I will definately be incorporating pod casts and blogs into my lessons in the future! Much to my students appreciation I am sure!